Gold Bar Necklace

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These bar necklaces are so inspiring and add the best detail to any outfit. Share a message while wearing a beautiful necklace.

Carefully handcrafted by our friends at Haiti Awake using leather string that is easily adjustable and a brass washer. Phrases and words vary per necklace. Length is 8.5 inches.

About the Artisan Group:

Haiti Awake was founded in 2012 by Becky Graves from Wilmington, NC and Steeve Derard from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Through their friendship, they created a ministry that is working to overcome the poverty that Haitian Christians face that hinders their ability to evangelize in their own country. Their goal is to share the love of Christ while furthering community development, economic development, and church-ministry development. They minister to their community by doing things such as prison outreach, doing neighborhood bible schools, running a children’s home, and educating the teams that visit their country.

Mission Made and Haiti Awake began their partnership when a Mission Made team took its first trip to Haiti in 2016 with Haiti Awake. Since then, we have gone several times a year and created great relationships with the children they care for in their children’s home and staff. During our trips, we saw that the staff possesses the skills and talents we needed for our next steps. Most recently, we have employed the staff of Haiti Awake to create beautiful hand-stamped necklaces, washer bracelets, and cuffs.

With each product you can expect slight variations as a part of the artisan-crafted charm.

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Hope, Blessed, Love You, Breathe, Pray, Dreamer, Balance, Haiti, Faith, Peace, Renew, Be Bold, Lanmou


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